Friday, May 31, 2019

Trump announces new tariffs on Mexico

The Life & Times of Brian Glaze Gibbs (Season 2)

The Life & Times of Brian Glaze Gibbs (Season 1)

Day 1 Part 1 | May 2019 | Dan Peña QLA Castle Seminar

Jussie Smollet (redacted) records unsealed what we know

Kem123 responds QBWIillieB/American Sex Tourism/ Interview 5/19/19

Skaters In Cars: Rowan Zorilla | X Games

Rowan Zorilla

KEM123 Interview: American males traveling to D.R are Sex Tourist!

Interview : KEM123 Rants on "Wakanda" 5/19/19


Igor Smirnov - Welcome - Dickies Russia


Can The Black Man "SAVE" THOTiana?! Vol.1

Avidity Arms PD10 Testing: Shenanigans Cut

Mastering: The Ruger LCP II

SIG SAUER MPX Rifle Review

TFB TV Glock 18 Machine Pistol Mini-Documentary

Marriage Is Dead #خليها_تعنس

Muzi - Stimela Segolide (Official Music Video)


Young Voters Hate Joe Biden, And His Poll Numbers Are Dropping!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Antifa, Homelessness, and the Democrat Party

Dating the American Male over 30

Desert Commandos (1967) UMBERTO LENZI

Martin Jacques and Shashi Tharoor discuss China and India