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Mike G - Moracular Word [World] (ft. Vince Staples)

GOBLIN: Thurnis Haley Golf Wang Part 2

clip of Dan Pensyl and Emmanuel Guzman skating a crazy ditch in Oklahoma City

ROUTE 66 "Oklahoma City" 2006 from Six Stair on Vimeo.

RED STRIPE "Lady EQ" 2005 from Six Stair on Vimeo.

Lady EQ grabs the mic at the legendary Kilimanjaro studios in Kingston.


DEATHBOWL TO DOWNTOWN "Gonz" from Six Stair on Vimeo.

Mark Gonzalez was one of the first skaters from California to recognize New York as a skating mecca. This clips explains the impact his visits had on the skaters of New York and beyond.

1935 Husqvarna racer

I realised with a surprise at the weekend that we’ve never featured a vintage Husqvarna motorcycle. One tends to associate the Swedish brand (est. 1903) with its all-conquering motocross machines from the 60s and 70s, but the earlier models are worthy of attention too. Like this beautiful, monochromatic 496 cc V-twin from 1935, a racing bike that I’ve oft lingered over. To my eyes, it looks as good as any vintage Harley or Indian from the pre-War era, and the white paint is perfect—Husqvarna always seemed to give its machines great colors. This one was no slouch, either, with 41 bhp and a dry weight of only 124 kg. That equated to a top speed of 119 mph, a sensational figure for the 1930s. Today, the Husky is safely ensconced in the Deutsche Zweirad- und NSU-Museum in Neckarsulm. It’s one of the world’s lesser-known motorcycle museums, but worth a visit if you find yourself in southern Germany.

Gilera 500 4

One of the greatest racing engines of all time is the Gilera across-the-frame four. Its origins can be traced back to 1923; by 1934, Gilera’s engineers were bolting on superchargers, and generating a staggering 86bhp at 9,000rpm. After WWII, the double-overhead-cam motor went back onto the bench, and was slotted into Gilera’s all-conquering racers. The result was incredible: between 1950 and 1957, the exquisite Gilera 500 4 won six World Championship titles. And that’s despite intense competition from Norton, Moto Guzzi and MV Agusta. This bike helped put riders such as Geoff Duke, Umberto Masetti and Libero Liberati on the podium, time after time. And then, in one fell swoop, Gilera, Moto Guzzi and Mondial all withdrew from the Championship. The first post-war golden era of Italian racing motorcycles was over.

'The Geisha' from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

Jacques Goes East! Coming September 2010, Jacques Magazine presents an All Asian Special Issue.

Subscribe to Jacques Magazine and save 40% off the cover price at

'The Geisha' directed by Jonathan Leder .

Straightaway from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

ScHoolboy Q ft JHene Aiko - Fantasy

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Big Sean wearing Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglasses ($600-$700), which feature gold accentuating detail on the bridge, near the hinges and on the temples

Rapper Big Sean was spotted performing at the Rock the Bells concert in New York in a Ti$a Chicago Bulls cap ($50-$75) and pair of Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglasses ($600-$700), which feature gold accentuating detail on the bridge, near the hinges and on the temples. He was also wearing a set of his very own custom-made diamond encrusted Ambush POW! chains, which are priced at $15K for each chain – totaling ($45,000)

Dearly Departed x Benny Gold Collab Teaser from Dearly Departed on Vimeo.

Video shot by: Beans and Croydon

Road to The Statement Pt. 1

Skeme - I Can't Lose (Road to The Statement Pt. 4)

Jhene Aiko - You vs Them (video rendition)

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Amara Touré - Salamouti

Amara Touré : N'niyo / CD : Africa Boogaloo - The Latinization Of West...

Jah Jah Jahovia ~ King Tubby Dub

Luke Hess - Kratos

Todd Edwards - I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)

Joy Orbison - Wet Look

Ramadanman x Joy Orbison - J. Doe Them

Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You { FULL LENGTH } [ 720p ]

Justin Figgy Figueroa Stay Gold B-side from Emerica on Vimeo.

Pass The Bucket with Stephen Murray

June 22, 2007 marked a day that the Action Sports world will remember for a lifetime. A day that has forever changed the life of professional BMX rider & three time U.S. Gold Medalist, Stephen Murray.
In the midst of doing a double back flip, Stephen Murray crashed while competing in the BMX Dirt Finals at the Dew Actions Sports Tour, in Baltimore, Maryland. It was quoted as being “one of the worst crashes seen in BMX” and one that would ultimately be career ending for this incredibly talented, 27 year old athlete. Fully paralyzed, Stephen now lives a different reality, but see’s it as a platform to help others. Through his "Stay Strong" foundation and missioner determination, Stephen surprisingly finds a powerful way to pass the bucket.

For more information on Stephen’s foundation go to

Pass The Bucket with Tony Alva from Off The Wall TV on Vimeo.

Considered to be one of the the most influential skateboarders of all time, Tony Alva, an original Z-Boy, hit a bottom 4 years ago battling drug addiction and alcoholism. There, at his lowest point, his reliance on successes and ego came into perspective for the first time. Tony's fight for sobriety and truth has recently lead him to a new perspective on life and direction moving forward. Dedicated to giving back Tony now see's passing the bucket as the only way out. 

Braydon Szafranski Stay Gold B-side from Emerica on Vimeo.

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Vixxen Intentions: The Vixxen way of life

Vixxen Intentions: The Vixxen way of life: "Be ORIGINAL Always be yourself no matter how strange or offbeat that is Its always better than copying someone else Its the Vixxen way......"

Rich Hi x Boo Bonic Feat Amy Lee From Evanescence

Adventures of Trae Tha Truth: Lost in Time. Feat. Rick Ross

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Jaye-Cold Winter

Jaye "Space Jam Jaye" - Spaceship Music (Space Odyssey) Prod By Flash Fr...

Jaye - Space Flight Ft Gucci Mane Prod by Boy Scout (With Download)

Street Heart, a Street Art Show for Japan. From 6pm to 10pm on April 22nd at 2220 Beverly blvd (The Fold). We will have three live DJ sets by Amazon, Obtain, and DJ Michaelis, a tagging wall supplied by The Site Unscene, beer provided by Pabst, live painting by Septerhed and Destroy All Design. There will also be a free print giveaway; first 100 people to the show receive a free limited edition screen print. Blue Rooster Art will be doing live printing of posters and t-shirts.

Street Heart will be donating 25% of ALL art sales to the Red Cross' Aid for Japan as well as 100% of all proceeds from the featured '100% Wall' special benefit installation featuring pieces from the street artists.

The Site Unscene:
Blue Rooster Art:
The Fold:

Free Libya! New piece of politically themed street art from CiBass

Nina Simone - Four Women

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Tyga - Light Dreams

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In a recent trip to Pakistan to report on the recent spike in the region’s violence and bloodshed, Suroosh Alvi heard over and over the same sentiment from people on the ground: America’s war on terror is falling flat on its face. The military conflict in neighboring Afghanistan, repeatedly cited by locals, sends a constant flood of guns, refugees, militants, and heroin flowing into Pakistan. Heroin is now actually cheaper than hashish in cities like Lahore, and the Kalashnikov culture, the foundation of which was laid 30 years ago when the CIA financed the mujahideen, is all-consuming. According to the Pakistanis he spoke to, it’s all taken a devastating toll on the country and is creating the next generation of militants.

In “Teenage Riot” VBS follows the progress of the largest period of civil unrest in England since the 80s

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Karim So - Luvstep / Episode 6 / Dec 2010
Respect is not fear and awe; it denotes in accordance with the root of the word (respicere = to look at), the ability to see a person as he is, to be aware of his unique individuality. Respect means the concern that the other person should grow and unfold as he is. Respect, thus, implies the absence of exploitation. I want the loved person to grow and unfold for his own sake, and in his own ways, and not for the purpose of serving me. If I love the other person, I feel one with him or her, but with him as he is, not as I need him to be as an object for my use. It is clear that respect is possible only if I have achieved independence; if I can stand and walk without needing crutches, without having to dominate and exploit anyone. Respect exists only on the basis of freedom: ‘l’amour est l’enfant de la liberte’ as an old French song says; love is the child of freedom, never that of domination.”

Raheem DeVaughn-Battery Operated Boyfriend

Afghanistan in the U.K. - Full Length

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