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Black dude attacked by 3 white racist's Courtenay BC CANADA

Red Eye: Interview with Felix Dennis - Part 1

Steve Jobs explains the rules for success

DMA2010 Opening Keynote - Steve Stoute Intro

Porsche Tuner Uwe Gemballa "Missing", Shadow Company Established by Noah Joseph

It wasn't so long ago – just a matter of weeks, really – that Gemballa had one of the best names in the business. And that business was tuning Porsches, among other exotic automobiles. But that was before the company's founder and chief Uwe Gemballa dropped off the radar, and things began to unravel in his absence.

The initial reports began surfacing last week, indicating that Uwe Gemballa had gone missing while on a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. But while German authorities and Interpol began coordinating with their counterparts in South Africa, things started getting a little shady.

First came reports that the authorities had raided the Gemballa headquarters and seized the cars on the premises. Now further reports indicate that shortly before his disappearance, Uwe set up a second company with his 79-year-old mother as the sole shareholder, and granted his wife power of attorney to declare the principle company insolvent. The plot keeps thickening, and we doubt this will be the last we've heard of Gemballa and his trouble with the law.

Driving School

If you are a Ferrari car owner, you know the pleasure that is yours when you slip behind the wheel of this fabulous driving machine. Did you know that you could enhance your enjoyment of these vehicles even more by participating in a Ferrari driving school? This is a fun way to get to understand how your Ferrari works, and what it is capable of on a racetrack.

The Ferrari North America School is located in Mont-Tremblant, northwest of Montreal. The driving takes place on a race track a little over two and a half miles long. Instructors make clear that this is not a school to train racers. This Ferrari Driving Experience school will give you the skills you need to get more out of driving your Ferrari.

The instructors have put in many championship wins on race tracks around the world. They are experienced in sharing their skills in a step-by-step manner; with early instruction providing vital tools upon which more advanced techniques will be built.

The Ferrari Driving Experience lasts for two and a half days, and begins with a champagne reception and dinner the evening before classes begin. Time is spent in both the classroom and on the track, although most of the time is spent behind the wheel. Classes cover such topics as vehicle dynamics and driving line. Track time includes introducing skills like how to handle the car in wet and dry conditions, including controlled skids, braking, and acceleration, and building on lapping techniques, beginning with sectional, and moving up to short track and eventually full track circuits.

Students may not drive their own Ferraris, for insurance reasons, but instead are provided with twelve new Ferrari F430 ‘s for their use during the Experience. The fee for sumptuous room, board and instruction is $8,200 in US dollars. There is a waiting list for these special instructional events, so register early if possible.

If you would like to receive all of the superior instruction of the Experience but be able to participate in your own Ferrari, then you might enjoy Ferrari Driving Clinics. Priced at $1350 US, these clinics are held on Ferrari Challenge race weekends, and you get to drive your car on the track, under the helpful eye of your instructor. There are two skill groups, the Sport group for intermediate to advanced drivers and the Touring group for beginner to intermediate enthusiasts. You will also get to participate in infield driving drills to help you hone your ability in several areas, including braking and autocross. You will learn driving techniques to make your Ferrari car driving experience more satisfying. For everyone's safety, Ferrari requires each participating vehicle to receive a technical inspection from an authorized Ferrari dealer.

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Drake - Come Winter

Drake - Thrill is Gone


It was inevitable and Mercedes Maybach have approved the Maybach Landaulet for production. The 62S based Landaulet design study was first shown in November last year. The car gets its name from classic luxury era of open passenger cabin coupled to a closed chauffeur’s area. The car has received favorable response at Auto shows which has led to to it being put into production.

Two exteriors colors are on offer named Baltic Black or the Nevada Silver with 20 inch wheels that can be polished or matched to the body color. The Landaulet front seats are fully enclosed and seperated from the rear passenger compartment by a removable divider. The Barcalounger which pass of as back seats in the Maybach, let the passengers enjoy the open-air via a retractable roof that electro-hydraulically disappears into the rear parcel shelf in 16 second. The chauffeur’s area is swathed in black leather while the rear is done in all white with piano black and gold flecked black granite inserts. The opacity of the glass that seperates the driver from the passengers can also be controlled electronically.

The car is powered by the uprated, twin-turbocharged V12 engine that develops 612bhp with an impressive 1000 nm of torque between 2000 - 4000 rpm. The car also features electronically controlled AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) and the Adaptive Damping System, internally ventilated brake discs with twin callipers at front controlled viz two electro-hydraulis Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) braking systems that work in tandem.

Tyga ft. Drake - Stampede Snip (New Very Hot Music 2009)

Kanye West Feat Lil Wayne "Front Door" (New Song 2009)

Lil Wayne - I Hate That I Love You (Ft. Miz) (HQ)

Tyga Ft. Lil Wayne - Lay You Down [ Final Version ]

Tyga-Wassup(All Love)

Tyga-Slow It Down


Johnny Cupcakes Interview How to start a business and more

Rich Hil interview

Rich Hil - Lady in the hall

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Secrets Show at Space 1520

Photograph by Richard Kern.‘Secrets Show’ is an art project curated by Skye Parrott and Alec Friedman where they asked each artist for a photograph that showed a secret._ Secrets Show_ will start the October 29 and will run until the November 14 at Space 1520, 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles

Nicki Minaj - Blow Your Mind

Buy the Album!!

The pre-order is available on iTunes. Whether you have a crystal flute glass or coffee mug, feel free to toast to the game’s greatest musical genius. It’s safe to say his artistic hustle deserves it this time.

Why This Clip Is Awesome

Dusty Rhodes — Every good hero needs an equally awesome villain and vice versa. One reason Ric Flair was so great was his anti-bling, everyman nemesis raised by a plumber. His lisp and southern drawl became his trademark. Good thing he could talk, because he had man boobs and a weird chocolate birthmark looking thing on his body that creeped us all out.

Macho Man Randy Savage

Macho Man is the Supreme Clientele of wrestling talkers. Nobody knows what he’s talking about but it’s awesome and pretty hilarious. Scratch the Ghostface reference. Macho Man is more like a real-life Popeye. And we love him for it.

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Rich Hil x Don Cannon: No Limos Movement


Kanye West - Take One For The Team feat Keri Hilson, Pusha T & Cyhi The ...


Nikko Gray- Eyelash Wishes


Angela McCluskey – Handle with grace (3:38)

Scottish-born chanteuse and force of nature Angela McCluskey returns with her first solo album in years, You Could Start a Fight in an Empty House, her much-anticipated follow-up to her acclaimed solo debut, The Things We Do. The album’s first single, “Handle with Grace,” reunites McCluskey with her colleagues from French electropop trio Telepopmusik with incredible results; a video for the track is currently in production with directors Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin of Young Replicant (M83’s “We Own the Sky” video).

Production Credits: Duke B (​music/​Duke+B), Telepopmusik (​music/​Télépopmusik) with Vocals by Angela McCluskey(​music/​Ange

The ILLZ - M.P.A.(My Public Apology) (Official Video) from Delgis Mustafa on Vimeo.

The ILLZ – Turpentine Weed (Music Video)

The ILLZ - Turpentine Weed (Official Video) from Delgis Mustafa on Vimeo.

Terry Richardson is a G!!

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Rich Hil feat.The Pricks - Problems - Official Music Video


Rich Hil - Don't Look Back Feat. Boo Bonic

Rich Hil Ft. Boo Bonic – Legalize It

Rich Hil - Love Me Good

Stay THIRSTY My Friends!!


rich Hil - Wings on my Back

Rich Hil – Limosa Nostra Act 1

Rich Hil’s most recent mixtape entitled Limosa Nostra Act 1 is now available for download.

01. Right Or Wrong ft. Tatu
02. The Most Beautiful Song
03. Hollywood Freestyle Ft. Boo Bonic
04. I Can’t Stay Longer
05. Pushing Colors (prod. by Delivery Boy) Ft. Nero
06. Let Me Breathe
07. When Im Crazy
08. Bad Ft Travie McCoy
09. Love Like Mine (prod. by avenue) w/ Boo Bonic
10. Midnight Request Line Ft. Less
11. Low and Behold
12. The Front Or The Weed
13. Maybe All Our Lows Are High


Rich Hil- Midnight Request Line [Limosa Nostra Act.1]

Rich Hil- Love Like Mine [Limosa Nostra Act.1]

Rich Hil- The Most Beautiful Song [Limosa Nostra Act.1]

Bout Herself - Rich Hil

Rich Hil - Dyckman

Rich Hill - EPS Ft. Kid Cudi

Chevy Woods Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver - Smoke Two

07 - Andra - Models & Bottles (Feat. Rich Hil)

Rich Hil - Bold As Love

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Boo Bonic - Back and Forth

Boo Bonic Ft Pharrell - Mr. Treat Ya Nose

Where Did they Come From - Rich Hil X Boo Bonic [MUSIC VIDEO]

Rich Hil - I KNOW I AINT BUT I IS ...

Rich Hil - Leaning On My Reup

Rich Hil - I Don't Attain To Anything

Rich Hil - Cookies and Apple Juice [Freestyle]

Rich Hil - What I Am

Guns are a girls best toy

Photographs By: Jahmad Balugo

Rich Hil - It Aint Nothin'

Rich Hil : Ricky Goes To Rehab [Mixtape]

“When an artist has to step back from their regular lifestyle for a given amount of time, a lot can happen to their character or personality. Currently still in a Utah rehabilitation facility, our friend Rich Hil decided to release a mixtape during his bid. This project is honestly his best since Limo’s Were Cool In The 90′s, so it’s only fair he brings Don Cannon along for the ride once again. When his team reached out to see if we’d be interested in getting on board, we of course had to throw on our stamp of approval as well. Features from Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Curt@!n$, Boo Bonic and Carter. Limos!” -IllRoots

Well.. dude.. uhh, there you have it! Enjoy the piffery.

Download Here!

Rich Hil - Paranoid Prod. M.Will the Shogun


Rich Hil-O's [Music Video]

Kid Cudi ft. Rich Hill - Trippy

Tommy Chong smokes out the Governator

High Times Snoop Dogg Interview

HIGH TIMES Interviews -- Redman

HIGH TIMES Interview: Kid Cudi

KID CUDI - MANIAC - feat Cage - new

Gettin In Them Thangs - Rich Hill ft Phlo

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The Roots - Right On

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Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept

Looking at the new Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept all I can say is Wow! The new Ferrari V4 superbike was designed by Amir Glink. I can tell this bike will be super fast since it’s packed with a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo! The hand controls are from a F-16 fighter jet and buttons are from a Forumla 1 race car.

French Montana - You & Me | Music | HIP HOP CONNECTION

Young French Montana - You Feel Me (Official Music Video)

French Montana ft. Chinx Drugz - In For The Kill