Thursday, July 8, 2010


Tracklist / Press Release Art by: “When you least expect it” was the quote that lingered in the two young men’s minds, as they approached the door to success in an UNPREDICTABLE manner. Success refused to listen, but with the bestowing persistence of poetry behind sound and emotion, success did not look away. The young men began to tell their story in a loud fashion carried by their distinct voices to the ears of success and you the listener. It all began when things were LOOKIN UP, but personal anguish, struggle, betrayal and self discovery became the first out of many obstacles for them. The young men then began to reveal their pleasures and adventures as well, which aimed beyond SPACE JAM, a place that consists of club filled festivities, lust and temptations. Success shows a face of disgust and almost tells the affiliates to find another door but stops as they begin to describe the day after as a realization state. A realization of work needed to be done in order to achieve their goals, REDEMPTION was mandatory. Therefore, the two began to walk far away from the path of being YOUNG NAIVE and in the direction of the fortunate. They analyzed their lives and came to a conclusion that they just needed to CHILL. Music, a woman of great power, was someone they both admired, she had many forms and messages to relay to them. However, they also came to the understanding that she was, as of late, being mistreated and was in deep need of AFFECTION. Therefore, in order to do so they would have to challenge Hip Hop and all of it’s selfish ways. Hip Hop was once a great admirable leader but chose to follow an unethical path which transformed her into SEINFELD, a being of thoughts of complete nothingness. After telling success their journey, success responded with an unlikely answer, an answer that has only been heard by very few before…an answer only some can dream of…”WELCOME IN”…amen. (Success Story or more PIPE DREAMS?) (Ortni) 2. Unpredictable 3. Lookin Up 4. Space Jam 5. Redemption 6. Young Naive 7. Chill 8. Affection 9. Seinfeld 10. Welcome In (edulretni) 11. Amen 12. Pipe Dreams All Words Written, Music Produced By: Fortunate Ones Fortunate Ones – When You Least Expect it EP (Download link):

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